NUOVO BAROCCO with Composer Sheli Nan

An Oratorio for our Time – Last Stop Cafe

2:00 PM Sunday, June 5
BERKELEY CITY CLUB, The Drawing Room – 2315 Durant Avenue, between Ellsworth and Dana

Tickets available at the door. Prices: $20. SFEMS, WEKA, EMA members, $25. General, $30. Preferred Seating

Composer Sheli Nan and ROCKiT OPERA Musical Productions, a company dedicated to social critique through a musical lens, are partnering with co-producer Suzanne Siskel, former editor of the Harvard Lampoon. Together they are pleased to present LAST STOP CAFE, an Oratorio for our Time.
This Oratorio is based on the 17th C Italian form from Venezia. The tenor sings our story with the chorus in corresponding roles. There is a petit sermonette between scenes 2 and 3.
As the musicians sing in our  three short tableaux we witness the dilemma we face as baby boomers when our juvenescence and our approaching obsolescence collide.
Last Stop Café is witty, fun intense and provocative. Come join us at the Yogi’s Retreat, the Gambling Den, and the Liminal Café as we explore our  lives in our Nuovo Barocco adventure!
The program also includes a sonata for harpsichord and violin and 4 suites for harpsichord and virginals.


NUOVO BAROCCO: Conductor and Artistic Director Luçik Aprahämian; Jonathan Smucker, Tenor; Gabrielle Traub, Soprano; Sara Hagenbuch,  Soprano; Deborah Rosengaus, Soprano; Kirk Eichelberger, Bass; Jonathan Salzedo, Harpsichord; Claire-Jeanne Martin, Violin; Mosa Tsay, Cello; Kai Echardt, Bass; Rachel Condry, Clarinet ; Joanna Martin Berg, Flute

Sheli Nan is a Berkeley composer, musician, arts educator, author, performer, and teacher whose life’s work focuses on the creation, performance, distribution, and teaching of music. She as been professionally involved in the musical landscape of the Bay Area as well as the national and international stage for more than 3 decades. The Music Studio is her umbrella for her various musical enterprises, including composition, performance, recording, and teaching both privately and in school programs, as well as written publications. Sheli has had over 20 editions of music published and performed including her symphony, “Signatures in Time and Place”, various string quartets, and an overture to SAGA of the 21st CENTURY GIRL. She is a member of ASCAP and the consistent recipient of awards from them. She is also a member of the New York Composers Circle, The Western Early Keyboard Association, Early Music America, The Society of Composers International, and The American Composers Forum. For more information, to read excerpts from Sheli’s book and articles, and to see reviews of her music, please visit