Alan Arthur Suits, luthier

Intrigued as a child by the music and culture of India, Alan Suits traveled there in his late teens to study music and be immersed in the rich traditions of Southern India. Later trips took him to Morocco and West Africa where he lived for a while and studied kora. During this time, he collected musical instruments and other artifacts from various world cultures, often selling some of the things he’d acquired. A degree in anthropology from Washington University in St. Louis earned after these travels added to his knowledge of world traditions.

Mr. Suits has consulted and done appraisals for private individuals and institutions including: The Metropolitan Museum of Art; National Music Museum; University of Michigan – Stearns Collection; St. Louis Art Museum; Washington University, St. Louis; Musical Instrument Museum, Phoenix and Museum of International Folk Art, Santa Fe. He continues to pursue his skill and interest in making musical instruments that include Renaissance vihuelas and lutes, Middle Eastern ouds, and Indian sitars (see his Musical Instruments webpage).


 Arthur Alan Suits
43 Coyote Mountain Road
Santa Fe, NM 87505


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