The cornett of the 16th and 17th century was a wooden horn, with a conical bore, and seven large finger-holes of equal size and spacing. The cornett was first used for the doubling of voices in polyphony, and later developed a virtuosic solo repertoire of its own. A good cornett reproduction should respond well in all registers and offer flexibility and fullness in every note of its 2-1/2 octave range. The handcrafted instruments presented here are inspired by historical originals found in collections throughout the world.

Cornett players are faced with varied needs. I make a wide range to suit them as well as their specialized mouthpieces. There is diversity evident in museum collections throughout the world which is currently not well-represented on the concert stage. While I take great care in finishing all my instruments to a particular standard of quality, each will offer something new and spark the imagination in its own unique way.

Great care is given to the leather work, durability, and regularity of form, because a cornett should not look crude if its modern usage is to resemble the refined traditions with which it was once associated.

Andrew Hallock – Cornetti
Stuyvesantstraat 81
Den Haag, Zuid Holland 2593GB

+31 618 790061

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