Love Writ Large: Medieval manners of reverence—a secular context for Machaut’s great Mass

4 PM-5 PM Thursday, June 9
2315 Durant Avenue,Berkeley, CA 94704

Tickets available at the door. Suggested donation: $20 general, $15 senior, $10 student

Together we delve hungrily into disparate aspects of admiration. The sacred dance O Virgo splendens embodies trancelike veneration; in Ciconia’s exuberant O Padua, the shining star is a fervently admired city. Several songs from Machaut’s Remède de Fortune depict shameless giddiness, dutiful devotion, and fervent gratitude, while his wretchedly beautiful rondeau Puis qu’en oubli broaches the misery of rejection. We find profound compassion for the besmirched in the Fortuna desperata of Busnois and its intricate homage by Agricola; our shared grief at the loss of Machaut, declared in the Armes, amours of Andrieu, is comfortless but resigned. Why not the Messe de Nostre Dame as centerpiece? Machaut’s remarkable and inimitable work, by far the earliest known setting of the complete Ordinary, offers in its adoration of the divine an expressive range perhaps never exceeded.

CORO CICONIA: Director: Asher Davison
Singers: Peter Fisher, Cheryl Koehler, Jane Jewell, Dorothy Manly, Jean McAneny, Stephen Pitcher, Ralph Prince, Scott Robinson, Helen Wolfe-Visnick, Donald Ziff.


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