Gabriela’s Baroque

I inherited my love for music from my father and my love for creating things with my hands from my mother, and although I have many interests in my life I have always found myself coming back to my two passions, so it seems I have found the right profession!

I attended violin making school (Escuela de Lauderia) in my native México in the beautiful colonial town of Querétaro, which was directed at the time by Maestro Luthfi Becker.

From the start, I have always been interested in Baroque music and its instruments so I was very fortunate to have worked at William Monical & Son in New York for almost 10 years. It was the perfect place for me to learn since I had the opportunity to see and work with many old instruments and I enjoyed the endless patience and vast knowledge imparted so generously to me by Bill and Phil Monical.

I believe there is always room for creativity so I am not making exact copies, but I am certainly using all the information, techniques and skills I have to follow the Baroque style, the proper set up and of course my main goal is to create instruments that work musically.

All that practice and experience is what I have to offer and I think you will hear it!

Gabriela’s Baroque
Gabriela Guadalajara
492 Convent Ave. Apt. 23
New York , NY 10031