Monika Musch – Renaissance and Medieval Recorders


Exquisite handcrafted recorders since 1995. Inspired by Renaissance and Medieval models, these handcrafted recorders are famous for their beauty of sound, expressiveness, precise intonation and reliability. Thanks to a high level of craftsmanship, musical experience, care and intuition these instruments are timeless and unique.

The tenor Ganassi recorder is based on an instrument by Schnitzer – the Bassett 1032 in Brussels. A maximum of two bodies per headpiece is possible. 

Munsh’s medieval recorders are inspired by iconography from the Middle Ages. They are cylindrical and tuned in Pythagorean temperament. Available pitches: A440, A466, or A520 Hz.



Monika Musch
Sickingenstr. 10a
79117 Freiburg

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