Owen Daly Early Keyboard Instruments

Owen Daly has been building clavichords and harpsichords since 1977. Using traditional materials and methods, his instruments are known for their rich character and ‘color,’ and for attention to details of touch and reliability. He works alone, which he feels allows him to focus all his energy and passion on each instrument.

Being a harpsichord player himself, all of his instruments receive a proper playing-in. He expects them to satisfy his own demands as a player before he will send them out into the world.

The instruments speak for themselves, and there is no substitute for experiencing them in person.  Mr. Daly maintains a concert-ready instrument on which he performs, and he welcomes visits to his shop. He has exhibited his harpsichords and clavichords at the Berkeley Festival and Exhibition and the Boston Early Music Festival since 1996. 

557 Statesman St. NE
Salem, OR 97301


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