Robert Dawson – Farewell Sale

After 47 years of Early Music in the Bay Area, Robert Dawson, founder and long-time director of the SFEMS Summer Workshops, is moving on and selling dozens of monument editions and playing scores, a hundred early opera DVDs, several hundred CDs, musical paraphernalia, and excellent instruments!

C tenor shawm by Charles Collier – $1000
G alto shawm by Collier – $1000
C soprano shawm by Levin&Silverstein – $400

Chest of Krummhorns SATB by Lyn Elder, plus
a tenor cornamuse by Richard Wood – $4000 – (not to be sold separately)

Also on display are cornetti, various tabor pipes and fifes and small recorders, an elegant diatonic hurdy gurdy, an angelic psaltery, a slide trumpet, a couple of whatnots and parphernalia.

Recorder-maker Jim Scott will be sharing my tables (P10 & P18).


Robert Dawson and Linda Nakell
…with Jim Scott

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