Located just east of Claremont, CA, Shingleton Viols exclusively makes viol family instruments. Hand-selected materials are fashioned using traditional techniques to create viols tailored to you, the player. The visual aesthetic blends with smooth playability and rich tone, where each instrument will heighten and enlighten your playing experience. We offer an historic, research-based approach to viol making, producing instruments ranging from the English school, through the later French and German schools. Using hand-selected high quality wood, we incorporate period decorations and motifs from surviving instruments, mixed with specialized setup and bridge designs to give our clients great sounding, as well as great looking viols. Sound adjustment and setup services are offered in addition to commissioned/on spec work. Please come and visit us to learn more about our instruments and what we offer.

Warren Shingleton
1232 Monte Vista Ave., Suite 6
Upland, California 91786
United States of America


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