Soren Green – Historical Clarinets

Soren Green is a builder of historical clarinets, basset horns and chalumeaux, specializing in Viennese instruments based on original examples from the finest makers of the Golden Age of the clarinet including Theodor Lotz, Raymond Griesbacher, and Griessling & Schlott. His work is inspired by the beauty and perfection of the original instruments that he copies. They are works of art ideally suited to play the music of their time. Meticulous examination and research, as well as dedicated practice and performance inform these recreations of the clarinets, basset horns, and chalumeaux played during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. These instruments meet the needs of the most demanding professional, remain faithful to the originals, and are beautiful to the ear and eye. 

Green Clarinets
Soren Green
Mathenesserdijk 274A

3026GN Rotterdam

+31 64 101 7884

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