Arethusa Musica

Sumer is icumen in: A Medieval Mosaic

1:00 PM Thursday, June 5
ST. JOSEPH OF ARIMATHEA CHAPEL – 2316 Bowditch Street, between Bancroft and Durant

Tickets available at the door. Prices: $15 general, $10 students and seniors.

Arethusa Musica

Arethusa Musica

Arethusa Musica celebrates the beginning of summer with a variety of medieval vocal and instrumental music, both secular and sacred. Come witness caccia hunts in the forest, music written for worshipping nuns, moral messages in Middle English, French ars subtilior “eye music,” and murderous bird fights. From the complex polyphony of three soprano voices, to the simplicity of one voice and a plucked vielle, to a toe-tapping estampie, this program provides a little something for everyone. Join us on a journey back in time to enjoy the rich landscape of medieval musical sounds and textures.

Program to include:

Sumer is icumen in

La harpe de melodie – Senleches

Tosto che l’alba – Ghirardello da Firenzo

O viridissima virga and O ignis spiritus – Hildegard von Bingen

Selections from the Huelgas manuscript

A poste messe – Lorenzo Firenze

Corps feminin – Solage

Par maintes fois – Vaillant

Arethusa Musica is a group of enthusiastic musicians based in Bloomington, Indiana, specializing in Baroque and Medieval music for high voices and strings. An eclectic mix of Indiana University students eager to delve into historical performance practice, members of Arethusa Musica have collaborated on several projects, recitals, and concerts over the past two years. Named after Arethusa, a Greek nymph who was transformed into a fountain that flowed under the earth, we seek to send streams of harmonious sounds to audiences near and far, bringing the brilliance of voices entwined with violin, viola da gamba, vielle and keyboard to our listeners. With members hailing from Texas, Michigan, California, Wyoming, and Mexico, Arethusa Musica was brought together by the buzzing excitement for historically informed performance at Indiana University’s Early Music Institute. Its members have played and sung with many prestigious ensembles, including Mountainside Baroque, Philharmonia Baroque, the Indianapolis Baroque Orchestra, the Texas Early Music Project, Vajra Voices, and the Live Oak Baroque Orchestra.

Kathryn Summersett, soprano and vielle
Lindsey McLennan, soprano
Claire Daniels, soprano
Alice Baldwin, alto
Juan Carlos Zamudio, baritone
Eric Fisher, vielle
Reynaldo Patiño, vielle

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