Coro Ciconia

England’s Glory: The Music of John Dunstable (1380-1453)

4:00 PM Wednesday, June 4th
BERKELEY CITY CLUB – 2315 Durant Avenue (between Ellsworth and Dana)

Tickets available at the door. Prices: $15/10.

The moment John Dunstable (1380-1453) arrived in France with the English regency after the Battle of Agincourt (1415) may mark the beginning of Renaissance music in Europe. “La contenance l’angloise” amazed European musicians, profoundly influencing Dufay and Binchois with its “panconsonant” style and harmonic clarity.  We sample his surviving work, featuring Missa Rex Seculorum, including fine chansons and motets, complemented with music of his contemporary Johannes Ciconia (1370-1412).   “Indeed, Dunstaple [sic] was the most influential English composer outside England before the Beatles,” wrote Oxford musicologist Margaret Bent in 1995.  Coro Ciconia’s 16th BFX concert samples this “English sweetness.”

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 About the Artists

John Dunstable

John Dunstable

Asher Davison; Annie Hallatt; Peter Fisher, Director; Cheryl Koehler; Nancy Lambert; Jean McAneny; Stephen Pitcher; Ralph Prince; and Scott Robinson, vocalists