Jonathan Dimmock, organist

Johann Sebastian Bach and his influence

2:00 PM Sunday, June 8
– 6172 Chabot Road, Oakland

Tickets available at the door. Price: $10.

Jonathan Dimmock

Jonathan Dimmock

The Dominican Friars of St. Albert Priory have invited Jonathan Dimmock to offer this second in a series of inaugural concerts to celebrate the new tracker organ built specifically for the Priory chapel by world-renown builder, Paul Fritts. This instrument is a 2-manual, 22-stop tracker organ inspired by sketches of a late-15th century Dutch Gothic instrument located in Rhenen (near Utrecht). The Priory version contains more than 1100 pipes of tin and lead alloys cast and hand-tapered in the Fritts shop, housed in a solid oak casing with hand-carving matched to the neo-Gothic design of the pews and altars in the chapel.

St. Albert's Priory organ

St. Albert’s Priory organ

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