Peter Fisher

Masterworks for Flute Alone

3:00 PM Friday, June 6
BERKELEY CITY CLUB – 2315 Durant Avenue, between Ellsworth and Dana

Tickets available at the door. Price: $15 general, $5 people 16 and younger or 75 and older

JS Bach’s solo flute sonata, now called “The Partita,” shares this program’s center with his son Carl Phillip Emanuel’s sonata of 1747 (the year his father wrote the “Musical Offering”).  This flute sound survey begins with renaissance music by Caccini and van Eyck, samples other “flute golden age” composers Boismortier and Telemann, concluding with “the first masterpiece for flute alone since CPE Bach’s sonata,” Debussy’s “Syrinx,” played on period instrument copies by Barbara Stanley, Roderick Cameron, and Verne Powell.  Peter Fisher was taught by Philadelphia Orchestra piccoloist John Krell (author of “Kincaidiana”), studied renaissance flute with Nancy Hadden, and baroque flute with Kathleen Kraft.
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About the Artists

Peter Fisher

Peter Fisher

Peter Fisher, flute

Instruments: Renaissance flute at A=415, baroque flutes at A=392 and 415, Boehm flute at A=440

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