Timbre Folk and Baroque

Timbre Folk and Baroque is a new Berkeley music store focusing on folk and baroque instruments, with an intriguing collection of unusual instruments for sale, including some on consignment. We build, repair, appraise, and offer lessons. Please visit our website, and while you’re in Berkeley, stop in and browse the shop on Bancroft Way.

Among the items for sale at the Berkeley Exhibition will be an English Bass viola da gamba, German student tenor gambas, vielle, rebec, hurdy-gurdy, baroque violins and bows, as well as a German Renaissance lute, Swedish lute guitars, Norwegian Hardanger violin, Swedish nyckelharpa, German Hummelchen bagpipe, wooden flutes, and recorders.

Timbre Folk and Baroque
801 Bancroft Way
Berkeley, CA 94710
United States of America


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